Rainy day in Alabama

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Driving to work today wasn't too bad.
The road was beginning to flood a little.

Water was only covering one side of the road.
oops...the flash came on.

This is how things looked when I got to work.

The ride home was a little more interesting.

You can see a little of the water splashing up on the right of the jeep as I started going faster.

All the shots I took of water splashing over the windshield were just white blurs.
This is the only one that kind of turned out.

I had a great time playing in the rain.


Anonymous said...

Hehe...if it was fun, it's all good. Great shots...I love taking shots while I'm driving, but this may have been a little dangerous, if there were any other cars on the road. It looks pretty deserted, and it's still a pretty drive you have going to work, even in the rain. ^_^

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