Orchid Daze Part 2

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Passing through the lobby, I entered the Tropical Rotunda.

“The equatorial regions of the world occupy around 10 percent of Earth's surface and contain more than half of the world's plant and animal species. The Tropical Rotunda has hundreds of species from these tropical regions.” ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden
"The tropical conservatory is alive not only with plant collections but also with many animals. This successful cohabitation is indicative of horticultural practices that encourage a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Various species of quail patrol the under-story brush seeking insects and greenery on which to feed." ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden

They are wary of visitors, but this one was distracted with its dust bath and I was able to snap a couple of quick shots.

I had great fun taking pictures in the Tropical Rotunda and could have stayed there for hours. 

Maybe another day.  It was time to move on, the orchids beckoned.

Orchid Daze Part 3 coming soon
(Orchid Daze Part 1)


Anonymous said...

These are awesome shots, JR. Wow...just beautiful. I wish I could go there one day.

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