Orchid Daze part 1

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I drove over to Douglasville Georgia on Friday afternoon and spent the night in a La Quinta Inn. It was quite nice. The bed was really comfortable. Since it was raining all day, I didn’t really take many photos on Friday.

Saturday morning I looked out my second floor window and outside I saw the local authority’s special operations van parked at the entrance to the hotel. I thought about going down to take photos, but decided I’d just stay in my room in case there was gunfire. I never did find out what was going on and I never heard any guns or other loud noises.

After a pretty good, free continental breakfast (coffee, bagel and cream cheese, and a breakfast burrito) I set out for Orchid Daze at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Admission to the garden is $15 for adults and parking costs $2 an hour. They have remodeled the garden facilities quite a bit since I was there last year and it is really nice.

After getting my ticket, I meandered along the pathways to the Fuqua Conservatory.

Along the way, I encountered some nice people, this lovely glass sculpture,

and a couple of interesting frogs sitting on park benches.

In the lobby of the conservatory,
I happened upon three of their more colorful cousins.

And some hints of what was to come.

Have an awesome day!


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