Things I saw

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The last time I did this it was monochrome so I'm doing color today.
These were all taken with an iPhone 4G.  Post processed with the Camera+ app. 

A church along a road I hadn't traveled before.  There was an interesting graveyard across the street. I'll probably go back and take a few more pictures here.
You should know by now that hardly a week goes by that I don't have to stop for a train.  This was no exception.    

Who is that mask man?
I used to have a large collection of masks.  I've gotten rid of a lot of them.  I've hung on to this one, but it is destined to go.  I just can't see it in an RV.
I can do this
 Now let me just stash this lighter in here for later.  Maybe no one will notice I took it.
    Flower Power
Jesse and I were in the Home Depot the other day and I was wheeling him around in the shopping cart when we came across this flower.  He patiently waited (which is saying a lot for a two-year old) for me to take a few pictures.
    The Bear Abides
The stores are all merchandising for Valentine's Day.  These stuffed animals are cute. The bear is the one that caught my eye.  He is one cool bear dude.
But I would not feel so all alone
Everybody must get stones
This moss covered stone looked pretty good on a wet and cloudy day.
Christy, Jesse and I returned to the Horse Stomp campground for another hike along Weogufka Creek,  We dropped Jeremy off at another  location to look for arrowheads and metal detect.
Easy Riders
A group of bikers and their Harleys down at the gas station.  
These two were a little apart from the others.


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