Things I saw: monochrome

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Our consumer society
Glossy magazines to entertain and entice the customers while they wait in the checkout line.
Why do we have to wait?  It couldn't be a planned marketing ploy.
We won't get bored, pick something up, and buy it?   Surely not.
Everything wears out.  It has to so new things will be purchased. 
This motel has seen better days. 
It was replaced by a 'modern' competitor. 
Progress is grand.

This roofing business didn't make it either, but somewhere there are people doing roofs.  I bought one last summer.  Still leaks as far as I know. No wonder some of them go out of business.  Ever wonder where quality has gone?  But then again, the better the quality the longer it takes to wear out. 
Think about the glossy magazines again.  Look at this mess.  From the graffiti on the walls it appears to be the work of teenagers. (not a criticism of teenagers. I think they are more fun than most adults.) Do you think they are weary of our glossy, scripted, constrained, boxed in, rule based society?    I know I get tired of it.  It keeps me safe and provides lots of creature comforts.  However, the price tag is sometimes more than I am willing to pay.
Do you think they are still idealistic enough to see through the lightly veiled pipe dreams presented in the media?  Are they resisting the constraints 'adults' have accepted as 'just the way things are'? 
Peace, now wouldn't that be nice.
But wait, the military/industrial part of the machine really needs to kill in order to have a job.
I guess it is all in how we look at it.
I prefer a happy, optimistic point of view myself.


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