1PM in my life: w2

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 All these were taken with an iPhone 4 and the SLFT-IP4 filter.
 A mask in the sun room.
I used the macro lens and Tooncamera app for the bird head.
This is a small sculpture in my office. 
   An empty pack of smokes laying on an outside table at work.
Taken with the Camera+ app. 
I've been working from home a lot recently. 
I took this sitting at the table where I work.   
Taken with the Camera+ app.

     Christy, Jesse, and I went out for lunch
and the two of them played on the inside playground.
Check out this fun video about that adventure that Christy made.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.
The next day, the three of us went to Horsestomp and played along the creek bank.
Christy posted a video of that adventure too.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.
This is shot from the den towards the kitchen window.
Taken with the Hipstamatic app.

So far so good.  I'm going to try this another week.



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