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  I've been having a lot of fun with the SLFT-IP4 filters lately
especially the 3 kaleidoscope filters.
These two pictures are Jess's 'car' parked in the garage.
He has almost out grown it.

These two pictures are of a lamp and an oscillating fan (the fan isn't on).
 The picture above was taken with one of the 3 kaleidoscope filters through a prism.
  It is a street in the town near where I stay.
I have several masks hanging in the sun room and a kaleidoscope filter created this look.
   I've also been playing with the macro filter.  The picture above is of my fingers.
An unused grade book in my office

    I realize some of you will find this gross.
A tiny lizard died and dried out in the garage.
Poor little thing. :(


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