APADF6: 52

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I'm not an alarmist and I'm not a bit concerned about the food supply.  However, my weekly visit to the grocery store caused my mind to wander down this path.
What would happen if you were prevented from restocking your supplies by interruption to food supplies by transport, petrol strikes, floods, fires, or .....?   A study done in the United States put the average household food supply at sufficient for a little under a week.

 It isn't often one sees the vegetable and fruit bins this empty in a nationwide grocery store.

Nope, I'm not stocking up on food.  Just munching on some food for thought.  

I love fireworks.  Take a look at the ones Carly posted.  
Be sure to visit Kat's blog for the wonderful bird photos she took at the beach.


Lauren Espinoza said...

That's why we loved our garden and chickens so much. We didn't have to worry about shopping as much at the store.

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