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  Christy and I drove an hour or so into the woods  half that time on dirt roads and came to this unexpected gate blocking the way.  Hunting clubs do this all the time when they lease these public lands.  But Extreme Ministries?
Reminded me of a song.

We did have some fun with it though.
We stopped in another spot and took some pictures around a mountain spring.

All around it was a great adventure.  :-)
Carly tells a interesting tale about her neighbor and posts a interesting picture to go with it. 


Carly said...

Hi JR :)

WOW! Really? Extreme Ministeries? Goodness, when I think of that all kinds of negative images come to mind. YIKES. I don't think I would spend much time around there, but yes, it's a photo I wouldn't have been able to pass up! I's so weird, my post for Saturday's Round Robin Challenge, "Thats Odd" ia kinda similar to this... well... kinda sorta. LOL. And yes, perfect musical choice to accompany the photo! Well Done! I havent heard that song in years!


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