APADF6 70 - 72

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I've been putting in some long days at work this week.  Our new software 'goes live' on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed.
 APADF6 70
 The Fisheye Pro app does funky things to doors.

 APADF6 71

 Apparently there is a new dessert.  I didn't get one.

 APADF6 72
 tadstoles, frogstooles, frogge stoles, tadstooles, tode stoles, toodys hatte, paddockstool, puddockstool, paddocstol, toadstoole, and paddockstooles mushrom, mushrum, muscheron, mousheroms, mussheron, musserouns ~ Wikipedia
I was sitting on the porch and saw this saucer sized mushroom way over in the right of the yard near the road. I have no idea what kind it is.  Maybe it is a toadstool and not a mushroom. I didn't see any toads hanging about though.
Carly posted a poignant blog about gun violence: Deepest Sympathy And Love Fro Aurora.
APADF6: 69


Anonymous said...

Hi JR :)

I am doing better today, so I decided to post a new entry. Not guite as emotional. Anypoodles I posted a link to this entry for you. Awesome photography as usual. Such good work!

Take Care, Carly. :)

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