APADF6: 55

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 On July 4th each year the First Free Will Baptist Church has a fireworks show.  It isn't the biggest show in the area, but it is the one with the least light pollution and the fewest buildings and power lines in the way.

Taken with Alpha 700.  Settings:  f13, ISO 100, auto white balance, and Bulb.  I used a remote shutter release and various exposure lengths (random would be more like it lol).

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Lauren Espinoza said...

Wow!!! Great job capturing those fireworks!

Carly said...


GORGEOUS! I love the colors and the clarity is fabulous! Shooting the fireworks in San Francisco has so many things working against it, the bulidings, the marina lights, and the biggest thing, fog. You did wonderful here. Nicely done! :)

Christy Grimes said...

Definitely better! Awesome job. /jealous.

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