Lens life part 2

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I took so many phone photos this week that I broke the blog down into two parts.
Part one is pictures from around the house.
Part two contains the 'rest of the story'.

On the Fourth of July, I went to my sibling's house on the shores of beautiful Lake Martin.

Along the way I stopped for gas in Equality, Alabama. 
I've found the name of this little town intriguing ever since I first saw it.
I was at an intersection.  
The road to the left went to Equality and the road to the right went to Richville.  

 Their house on the lake.
I think it is very pretty.

Like all the lake houses in my family over the years, this one is a work in progress.

A view looking out across their pier.

This week also involved a lot of activity at my parent's old house.

 Thanks to my brother, his wife and children,
we've gone from scenes like the one above
to the following scenes.

Empty den

Empty living room

 Mostly empty storage room

Anther view of the storage room

Taking care of their estate business

involved a lot of time waiting in banks this week.
Hours and hours of time.
Two bank visits were successful.  
The third turned out to be a total waste of time.
I'll have to go back there in a month.
Maybe they will have their act together by then.
That wasn't all I did last week.

I made several visits to the charitable donation boxes to drop off items.
I've never understood why people leave obvious garbage there.

The grocery store is a never ending source of photo ops and amusements.

I have some other pictures,

I think I'll wrap up this menagerie with another shot of the weird ceiling fan.
Enjoy your weekend!

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