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My life seen through a cellular lens.

I took so many phone photos this week that I'm breaking the blog down into two parts.
Part one is pictures from around the house.

Having a baby in the house is very interesting and exciting in lots of way.
Baby paraphernalia abounds in almost every room of the house.
He has the cutest bath time toys.  I should take more photos of them.

 Babies sure do eat a lot.  lol
And they have this never ending need to chew on things.
Which leads to having an abundance of chew toys.

Along with all the things and excitement, babies bring a lot of love into a home.

Occasionally, mom and dad get a break from parenting and spend some time together.

I know this is hard to believe, but not every thing at home revolves around baby Jesse.  

Jeremy and his dad moved a fridge into the garage.  
We needed more cold storage space.
We talked about putting it on the front porch, but thought people might steal all the beer.

I'm still decorating my room. 
I think I will hang this sculpture on the wall as soon as I decide on the right place.

A shot of rain.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Have as much fun as possible.

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Christy said...

I LOVED THIS. I'm going to link it!! :) I love that first photo, the one with the bath toys. Is that hipstamatic at work? What combo did you use or do you remember? I love the effect. Awesome. :) :)

jr cline said...

Yes, it is hipstmatic and I have no idea what combo I used. It is currently set up so every time I shake it, it resets the combo randomly. That has been pretty fun except for the red pics which I don't like very much. Based on experience, I think it is probably the John S lens and Ina's 69 film. I'm sure there was a flash involved, but have no idea about that part.
Thank you for linking it Christy.

Christy said...

That's cool. I might set mine up to do that!

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