A picture a day, July 18

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We grilled out for lunch today: corn on the cob, hobo potatoes, and steak.

Food on the grill.
We cooked two ears of corn just in their husks.  
You can see the burned 'hairs' on one in the lower left
and one ear wrapped in foil (husks on)  in the upper middle.
We cooked six ears in all.
The big foil packets are the hobo potatoes.

Someone asked for the recipe for hobo potatoes:
cut potatoes into 1 - 1 1/2" chunks
quarter the onions
put on aluminum foil
spritz with olive oil
throw on some pads of butter
salt and pepper to taste
seal it all up in a foil package (roll the edges)
put another foil package around that one so it will cook more evenly
grill for 40 minutes in a covered grill...flip the packets every 10 minutes

variations: add cloves of garlic
sprinkle with Cajun seasoning
add whole mushrooms
add carrots

It is delicious and easy...not much clean up either

July 12th I started another picture a day project. This one will run from now through August 31, 2010. I got the idea from 'Ready to kick start your camera again'. Beginning in August I'll be sharing my photos there too.
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Anonymous said...

You're making me hungry with this one, and it's only 10 am in the morning. lol.

jr cline said...

I hope you had something tasty for lunch then.

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