A picture a day, July 30

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I went grocery shopping today.

It was uneventful for the most part.

Up and down and round and round the aisles

So I'm checking out and the mom was in front of me with a buggy and a girl around 10 was behind me with a buggy.  The mom finally got all checked out with her almost $200 worth of stuff and big pile of coupons.   Then she turns and yells at the little girl behind me to get up there with her buggy.  The little girl says she can't that I am next in line.  The mom shoves by my cart and me, grabs things from the child's buggy, shoves her way back to the front, pushes my things back, puts her's down. She makes another trip to get the rest of the stuff, grabs the girl and roughly pulls her to the front.  The mom glares and me (like daring me to say something) and growls an apology in my direction.
By this time I'm grinning from ear to ear and laughing out loud at her antics.  That only infuriates her more.
All in all, it was some of the most fun I've had in that store in a long time.   I did feel sorry for the child though.
July 12th I started another picture a day project. This one will run from now through August 31, 2010. I got the idea from 'Ready to kick start your camera again'. Beginning in August I'll be sharing my photos there too.
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skeets said...

thats awesome i'm glad you enjoyed that portion of your uneventful day......

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