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My life seen through a cellular lens

Since my parents died last November, I've spent a lot of time working around their old place.
And of course, as with everything in my life, I record being there with a camera of some sort.
Yesterday, for my picture a day project, I posted a photo of a section of my mom's garden. 
Another view of my mom's garden by her deck.
It has really gotten to be quite a mess without the weekly attention a garden requires to look its best.
Through these doors is the sun room my parents built.
It was my favorite room at their place.
Now it serves as a storage room filled with a haphazard pile of my siblings things.
I wish they would move them out so we could get on with selling the house.
My mom had an extensive collection of Department 56 houses, trees, people, fences,
and all types of other things necessary to create miniature villages.
There was an entire case on one wall of the sun room dedicated to these little scenes.

After being over at their old place one afternoon, 

I stopped to pick up some liquid refreshment at the convenience store.

This particular chain is celebrating the summer of '69 with an assortment of
tie dyed clothing, peace and love what nots, and flower power frogs. 
A fun blast from the past!

  Most afternoons when I get home I play with Jesse and Christy.
This day we were hanging out on the back deck letting Jesse
entertain us with his continuing discovery of dogness.
He reminds me of so much I'd forgotten about beginner's mind.
That's all for this weeks edition of Lens life!

Get out there, have as much fun as possible, and keep taking pictures. 



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