Lens life

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My life seen through a cellular lens
For so many people the world is black and white
or mono-chromatic 
Some have added a few more shades to their world view.
But mostly, things are black and white,
easy to categorize and pigeon hole.
Lack of education, fear, and fundamentalism are powerful mind killers.
For those that can see colors

the view is limited to what can be seen through the peep hole 
in the side of the box they've built to keep them safe.

I wish they could

 and experience a more colorful world.

 copyright 2010 jr cline


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I love all the different types of photography you did here and the photos themselves, and how you tied them in with the way people are. Wonderful.

jr cline said...

Thank you Mary Ellen. Writing a meaningful blog is quite difficult for me.

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